Brixen Mobility Center: construction work in full swing

Intermodal hub for public mobility - A project for Brixen and the people of Brixen

Construction work near Brixen's train station has been underway for a month now. This is where the new Mobility Center, the heart of public mobility for the Isarco Valley, is being built. During an inspection today (Wednesday, March 24), Daniel Alfreider, Provincial Councillor for Mobility, Peter Brunner, Mayor of Brixen, and Joachim Dejaco, General Manager of STA, were informed about the progress of the work.

"We want public transportation to be the first choice when it comes to getting from A to B. This requires the best possible integration of all mobility offerings. The prerequisite for this is that the various mobility options interact in the best possible way. For example, in the future it will be possible to arrive comfortably at Brixen station by bus and then take the train. There will also be parking spaces for cars, motorcycles and scooters, and the central element of the Mobility Center will be the approximately 1,000 bicycle parking spaces. Because our goal is still to double the number of daily bicycle trips in South Tyrol by 2030," says Daniel Alfreider, Provincial Councillor for Mobility.

A project for Brixen/Bressanone and its citizens Mayor Peter Brunner is pleased that construction is now underway and that a long-awaited project is finally being realized: "We Brixen residents have been waiting a long time for the Mobility Center at the train station. In the future, using public transport to and from Brixen will be even easier and more convenient. The realization of the Mobility Center and the redesign of Station Square also means an improvement for the entire city and for our guests."

Different construction phases Construction on the new Mobility Center has been underway for the past month. "In this first phase of construction, the former parking lot is being prepared so that in the future it can be used by about 200 vehicles - including electric vehicles. At the same time, we have started the preparatory work for the construction of the covered bus stop," explains STA General Manager Joachim Dejaco. At the bus stop, there will in future be a modern passenger information system that will inform passengers about bus and train connections. The next step will then be to redevelop Station Square. "The square - like all other areas that will not be used as pedestrian walkways, bike paths, roads or parking lots - will be beautified and provided with greenery, bushes and trees so that it will become a resting place for all passengers near and far."

Klapfer Bau, Wipptaler Bau, Goller Bögl and Marx Bau and other local companies are involved in the construction of the new Mobility Center. NET Engineering and the engineering firm iPM from Bruneck are responsible for supervising the construction.

The Brixen Mobility Center is financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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